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If more people could show this then maybe our country wouldn't be in shambles right now.

This Pin is interesting because it is of a black woman holding a sign that says "pro black inst anti white". The black lives matter movement was not about hating white people it was to show awareness of the racism that still exists today.

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Faith in humanity restored                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Faith in humanity restored

Jesus did not pick only certain lives matter. He picked all lives!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALL lives matter to God and ALL lives should matter to people too. EVERY soul is precious to Jesus! The cross proves it:John

All lives matter ...

All lives matter .<--- If none of it bothers you, post this to support all lives

Some of us measure our life through money and accolades. Others measure it through beauty and popularity. Others measure it through family and relationships. Others measure it through service and good deeds.  Chances are you measure it through some combination of all of these things, but one in particular matters most to you. One stands out and determines your happiness more than others…

How We Judge Others is How We Judge Ourselves

We all judge and measure each other by our own standards.

Awesome thought when you're down on yourself.

You are someone worth dying for! God loves you that much to send His only Son to live a sinful life and die for our sins, so we can be forgive and give a opportunity to love in freedom and grace.

not just

Did You Know that Both Bill and Hillary are Viciously Racist?

Bless our Heroes, i pray for their families... and most of all, Dear Lord, bring them home safely!

Bless our Heroes, i pray for their families. and most of all, Dear Lord, bring them home safely!

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Thank You JESUS! The thought of All YOU suffered for me to live is overwhelming! I will forever live to Glorify and Praise Your Precious and Holy Name! I Love You LORD!

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