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Mario and Yoshi(s) Potrait by Werbenjagermanjensen on DeviantArt

A fun little pixelly tribute to a painting called 'Night Alley', by one of my favorite contemporary artists Leonid Afremov. I found out when I started putting this together that he actually has a.

The Silent Guards of Tectloh by gizmodus on DeviantArt

The Silent Guards of Tectloh by gizmodus on deviantART

Mountains of Leisure Bay by gizmodus on DeviantArt

Remember the Leisure Bay? -This is another shot of these wonderful holiday islands I wouldn't mind a little bath right now.

Museum of Modern Art by gizmodus

Another speedpaint, meesed about with this one a bit, probably spent about minutes on it over a couple of days, at lease 15 minutes of that wasting my time.

The Dark Castle by *ChristianGerth on deviantART

The Dark Castle by ChristianGerth