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217- Macrinus is the first Roman emperor to come from the equestrian (middle) rather than senatorial (upper) class. He won't last long. Unwilling to support the military at the irresponsible level of his predecessor, Macrinus will be replaced by a 14-year-old great-cousin of the former emperor when the boy's mother promises legionary troops a fat reward for their support.

“Soring is an unconscionable abuse of horses that is used to produce a high-stepping gait - the ‘Big Lick’ - and gain an unfair competitive advantage in the show ring,” said Doug Aspros, DVM, president of the AVMA. “For decades we’ve watched irresponsible individuals become more creative about finding ways to sore horses and circumvent the inspection process, and have lost faith in an industry that seems unwilling and/or unable to police itself.”

"You can only work with the willing because the unwilling won't allow you to help them"-Clay Stevens

The diving horse in Atlantic City. Yes, a real horse would dive into the Atlantic Ocean. No, PETA never showed up.

The Cisco Kid is an American Western television series starring Duncan Renaldo in the title role, The Cisco Kid, and Leo Carrillo as the jovial sidekick, Pancho. Cisco and Pancho were technically desperados, wanted for unspecified crimes, but instead viewed by the poor as Robin Hood figures who assisted the downtrodden when law enforcement officers proved corrupt or unwilling to help. It was also the first television series to be filmed in color, although few viewers saw it in color til…