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He stood, slightly slumped, his hands in his pockets looking out over the lake. It was so familiar it was like a punch in the gut. I turned on my heal and left as silently as I had come.

i still have the wound from 2 weeks ago when i burned a cigarette onto my hand to get someone to stop talking to me outside a bar.

i was trained to be in Broadway for 12 years until like last year when I decided to be an indie pop singer

“I’d always thought that my awkwardness was a thin veil disguising the real me. The me that was funny and could write songs that touched people. The me that would one day find some beautiful,...

I use this as a scrapbook for things I find interesting/inspiring/amusing. I didn't make any of these things, you can go to my art blog for that.

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

This is the love of my life! I am looking forward to seeing what the next chapter in our life brings. I will post some images of mine and I will reblog things that appeal to me on many different levels. This site is NSFW

switchblades & gym class "You weren't born my brother but you're gonna die that way." disclaimer: elyse is not canon, but she is in /my/ canon. send me any questions you may have because i could talk about it forever. home ask archive main tags