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Colors of loving your body

Include a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables in your diet for an array of health benefits. Do you enjoy a rainbow platter?

Reminder: Walk yourself out of a bad mood.

Walk yourself out of your bad mood and stress. Studies show that even a 10 minute walk immediately boosts brain chemistry to increase happiness.

Calorie and protein chart

Eat Clean Calorie and Protein Chart - for those people who ask "how do you get your protein if you don't eat meat"

Health & Raw Beauty!

Interesting Fun Facts to help us become a little bit more Healthy!

Some vitamins can do more for you when paired with another nutrient!  Here's a list (and chart!) of vitamins you should try to combine instead to get maximum nutrient absorption!   Iron + Vitamin C Vitamin C is vital for absorbing Iron into your blood stream.  While your body will benefit from eating iron-rich foods, a kick of vitamin C will allow high amounts of the essential nutrient to get into your body.  Try green juices with...

While all the nutrients you consume are interdependent in the general sense of maintaining your well-being, certain vitamins and minerals promote good health when paired together. Here are 4 Beneficial Vitamin Combinations

You’ve heard the saying “an apple a day…” well that isn’t just an old wives tale it’s actually one of the few natural ways to prevent a stroke

Yet again, nature proves that it can only help and heal us:) Astounding White Fruits and Vegetables. These natural foods can surely help promote good health to you and your family. Don't forget to eat one of these today and cheers to a healthy life!