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Ters Yüz - http://www.omurokur.com/2015/11/ters-yuz/

Ters Yüz - http://www.omurokur.com/2015/11/ters-yuz/

I got joy from inside out! Says " I am a great campion for party's road trips and deserted on a island" ;)

Joy from Pixars inside out <<< I love Joy! She's just got this bubbly, happy and positive personality. :) Well, I guess that's why she's called Joy.

nice Inside Out Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Disney Pix...   Things that make me laugh Check more at http://kinoman.top/pin/24696/

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Disney Quotes - I am going to get a tattoo with the lion king quote<<<Nice, I'm thinking of the Peter Pan one or Dory's

Still 9 (April 6, 2015)

A look at what happens inside her head as Anger takes charge and Riley tells her dad to 'shut up' in Disney Pixar's Inside Out.