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You have the power to make each moment perfect

You have the power to make each moment perfect

Alternatively, "ooh, is that ur BOYFRIEND?" "Uh... Uh..... uh...._ "ooh she's blushing! It's definitely ur BOYFRIEND!" "No..." *Grabs phone"

I'M GLAD YOU ASKED. For starters, his name is Newt (in tmr) in IRL his name is thomas brodie-sangster! *pulls up powerpoint*

This is exactly what my train of thought looks like on paper!

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The fact that we still call Cameron, Nash, Matthew, Carter, Jack and Jack, Aaron, Taylor n Shawn "Magcon" is wrong...  Bart is making a new "Magcon" witch won't be the same!   The boys wernt happy! during "Magcon" especially Taylor...   Bart yoused them...Bart wanted money!  So I think we should stop calling the boys Magcon...   That ended in April...  But that's my opinion tho...  We should just call them the boys... Instead of Magcon...

I still call the boys Magcon (or the boys) I know that theres the new Magcon but thats not my Magcon.


Omfg Shawn will protect the muffins at all cost. I would have replied- "Fine. The muffins live for one more day-_-"