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Davis Yagi Antenna f/Long Range Repeater. Yagi Antenna for Long-Range RepeaterUse with Long-Range Repeater (Davis 7654) to extend range up to 5,000' in one direction. Each repeater requires two antennas. You can combine one Omni and one Yagi antenna to collect data from all directions and transmit in a single direction, or vice versa.Includes mounting hardware.NOTE:FCC regulations require that U.S. customers select either the Omni Antenna (#7656) or the Yagi Antenna (#7660); customer …

The Federal Communications Commission modified its regulations governing amateur radio operations across the United States in 2003. This has made the licensing examination system simpler and easier. The best part is that candidates who are now taking the license test are not required to study... Amateur Radio Kits, Build Your Own Ham Radio Kit, Diy Ham Radio Transceiver Kit, Ham Radio Kit Manufacturers, Ham Radio Kits For Beginners, Ham Radio Kits Qrp, Ham Radio Kits To Bu

Before the radio was used for modern day purposes, it was used by ships to communicate.

CONGRESS STANDS UP TO FCC POWER GRAB WITH BILL Bill important because it reasserts power of Congress over unelected bureaucracy

Google to Feds: Project Loon is totally safe despite outcry Google asserted in a report filed to the Federal Communications Commission that the companys upcoming high-altitude wireless signal tests (likely part of Googles Project Loon) pose no threat to the citizenry or the environment. The internet giant argued that experimental the tests which will use radio transmitters at altitudes of 75000 feet fall within existing test regulations. The filing comes in response to a number of…

Environmental groups ask FCC to investigate misleading radio ad about the EPA's proposed carbon regulations.

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