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D.Gray-man/#92411 - Zerochan Mobile

D.Gray-man/#92411 - Zerochan Mobile

Yuu Kanda from "D.Gray-man."

Anime/manga: D. Gray- Man Character: Kanda Yuu, Art by Aoi Shizuka

D. Gray Man Awesome image... totally fits the characters!!

Watch D. Gray-man the Top Manga series. You can Read the Ongoing Manga D. Gray-man Online here. D. Gray-man The best Manga Seires.

Yuu Kanda | D.Gray-man

Anime picture d.gray-man kanda yuu kzcjimmy long hair single tall image black hair fringe one eye closed wink grey eyes male gloves flower (flowers) weapon ribbon (ribbons) sword water katana white gloves 314255 en

... That looks yummy.... dgm, D. Gray-man, Howard Link, Allen Walker, Timcanpy, Timothy Hearst. I'm sorry I can't source it, I have no idea where it came from...

Gray-man scene where worries were the least of their concerns

D. Gray-Man | Allen Walker.

Allen Walker (アレン・ウォーカー), Moyashi (Bean Sprout, Kiełek fasoli), The Destroyer of time, Baka Deshi (Idiot Apperentice)