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Wallaby | Red-necked Wallaby - Rocky Hall, NSW

Bird Print - Ocellated Antbird, Streaked Antwren, Barred Antshrike, Great Antshrike - Vintage 1984 Book Page

Kangaroos - Musk Rat Kangaroo, Rufous Rat Kangaroo, Potoroo, Red Legged Pademelon - Vintage 1980s Book Plate Page

Monkeys - Red Howler Monkey, Black Spider Monkey, Common Wooly Monkey, Woolly Spider Monkey - Vintage 1984 Animal Book Plate

Cuban Solenodon, Shrew Tenrec, Giant Otter Shrew, Greater Hedgehog Tenrec - Vintage 1984 Animal Book Plate

Girraween National Park - Animals - Mammals - Kangaroos - Red-necked Wallaby

Red-necked Wallaby | Red Necked Wallaby with Joey | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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