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Michael Herr's description of Tim Page in his book 'Dispatches' led to the creation of Dennis Hopper's character in Apocolypse Now.

Sean Flynn the son of actor Errol Flynn, he went to Vietnam as a photojournalist for TIME, he was known to hang out with John Stienbeck's son while there. He went with speical force unites into the thick of things to get photos, tragically he disappeared in Cambodia and has never been seen again.

Vietnam Photojournalists - Chas Gerretsen (born 22 July 1943) is a Dutch-born award winning, war photographer, photojournalist and film advertising photographer. He traveled through Laos, Cambodia and entered South Vietnam, on February 14, 1968 with the equivalent of US $0.75 in his pocket. From 1970 to 1975, he continue to photograph war, political upheavals, elections, droughts and conflicts in Cambodia, South Vietnam, and many other countries.

Kate Webb. New Zealand-born Australian journalist Kate Webb was 24 years old when, in 1967, she paid for a one-way ticket to Saigon intending to write about the Vietnam War. She became United Press International’s Cambodia bureau chief. She was taken hostage by North Vietnamese soldiers and held for 23 days. Her distinguished journalism career with UPI and Agence-France Presse led her to write about other conflicts in Asia, including wars in Afghanistan. She died in 2007.