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hi, my name is Kage

I’m calling Veronica.



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Bucky: I am winter. I am. Death Steve: No your not! Bucky: Not now! *Throws hands up in the air of frustration*

Honestly, that would scare me more than if he DID turn green. | Also it just highlights that Cap was one of them few, if not only, people to sympathize with the twins. Even Bruce who is portrayed as kind and sympathetic could not get past his anger (justifiable as it was), but Steve understood and remembered that they were experimented on by Hydra and that probably wasn't pleasant. He was willing to fight them when it was necessary, but he also understood that they weren't entirely to blame.

Go Bruce! I can't stand Wanda as a character. She led them down the path to Civil War. If I was Bruce I'd Hulk smash the crap outta her!

I thought I knew whose lies I was telling.   Guess I can't tell the difference anymore. #marvel

Steve: Who’s on the list? You’re on it, of course. The fraulein is not. Natasha: Why not? HYDRA does not fear those they can buy.