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Unto These Hills...presented by the Cherokee Indians in North Carolina

Cherokee heritage and Cherokee history are being preserved in Cherokee NC, where the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians live in NC. Learn about Cherokee life in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Te Ata "Bearer of the Morning," was a Chickasaw storyteller known as the original "Oklahoma Treasure." Throughout a career, her performances of American Indian folklore enthralled and enchanted countless audiences.

Black Elk was involved in several battles with the U.S. cavalry. He participated, at about the age of twelve, in the Battle of Little Big Horn of 1876, and was injured in the Wounded Knee Massacre. He became a Medicine Man of the Oglala Sioux. He taught the first peace was to realize that we are one with all creation and to realize that at the center of all creation was the Great Spirit and that it is everywhere and within us.

Quotes From Black Elk

Nicholas Black Elk [Hehaka Sapa] (c. December 1863 – 17 August or 19 August was a famous Wichasha Wakan (Medicine Man or Holy Man) and Heyoka of the Oglala Lakota (Sioux). He participated at about the age of twelve in the Battle of Little Big H