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The key points of a no-nonsense philosophy that has made Dave Stockton, the guy who tells Phil Mickelson what to do, the hottest putting teacher in the game today.

9 Ways To Hit Your Irons Solid Photos - Golf Digest

Instruction: How to hit your irons crisply and consistently


Cover Story: Jason Day's 4 Keys To Distance - Golf Digest

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Tips to Train with Full-body Muscle Workout for Golfers

This infographic by SKLZ displays body position, swing direction, and impact angel to optimize your golf drive. It also depicts some great strength building exercises to help you gain the necessary strength efficiently and effectively

Getting fit for the right putter for your stroke could be an easy way to save shots on the green. Here is a quick way to know what might work best for your stroke.

Lower Your Golf Score in Seven Simple Steps

Golf Tips - Some Great Professional Golf Tips That Work Very Well * Click image to read more details.



Chip Like You Putt - this is what my dad has been trying to teach me

Chip Like You Putt - this is what my dad has been trying to teach me

Fitness Friday: The five-minute warm-up with Jordan Spieth's trainer - Golf Digest

All you need is a club, a SuperFlex band, and a mini-band. Watch the video to see Jordan Spieth's trainer Damon Goddard demonstrate the moves.

Swing Sequence: Jason Day - Golf Digest

Swing Sequence: Jason Day - Golf Digest


Bobby Clampett: Flush It Off The Fairway - Golf Digest

Swing Sequence: Jason Day - Golf Digest

Swing Sequence: Jason Day - Golf Digest

The Best Golf Drill To Increase Swing Speed And To Dial In Your Ball Striking

Increase Your Distance With These Tips on Golf Swing Speed

This golf drill will give you effortless power, increase swing speed, a fluid action and a real sensation of what your golf swing should like if you spend a little time grooving it from the steps outlined in the video.


Golf Digest cover star Jason Day, who averages yards off the tee, gives advice that works both on and off the course.

Swing Sequence: Jason Day - Golf Digest

Swing analysis by Colin Swatton, an instructor based in Hilton Head Island.

Swing Sequence: Charl Schwartzel - Golf Digest

Tom Watson’s Secret to the Golf Swing