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Another topical goddess was Ainé, the patroness of Munster, who is still venerated by the people of that county. She was the daughter of the Danaan Owel, a foster-son of Mananan and a Druid. She is in some sort a love-goddess, continually inspiring mortals with passion.

Aine, Celtic Faery Goddess of Love and Fertility - not sure the artist meant to depict her here, but it's one of my favorite paintings

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Odin (Alfadir) : " Worship of Odin may date to Proto-Germanic paganism. The Roman historian Tacitus may refer to Odin when he talks of Mercury. The reason is that, like Mercury, Odin was regarded as Psychopompos, "guide of souls".

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Iceland Building a Pagan Temple Dedicated to the Norse gods (You Remember the Vikings -Thor-yeah those gods)

Tyr, Norse god of justice and self-sacrifice as well as a war god. He is fearless and courageous and I admire him. My greatest hero figure

The banshees are Irish fairies of death, from legends and Celtic mythology. Its name means "fairy woman" and "woman of the hills", because sometimes appears walking wandering through the hills, where he remained even several days without fixed direction. His appearance is that of an ethereal woman, sometimes a young maiden, and in others, an old and nasty witch. The banshees announced with his tears and his cry that death is near. His singing is loud and frightening, sometimes is a horrible…

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Glaistig- Scottish myth: a female fuath that appears as a beautiful woman that is half goat. Her lower, goat half is covered by a long green robe or dress. She is often portrayed with grey or long yellow hair

In Irish mythology, Flidas or Flidais (modern spelling: Fliodhas, Fliodhais) is a female member of the Tuatha Dé Danann, known by the epithet Foltchaín ("beautiful hair"). She is believed to have been a goddess of animals, woodlands and fertility, somewhat akin to the Greek Artemis and Roman Diana.[1] "As goddess of wild beasts [...] she rode in a chariot drawn by deer" while "as goddess of the domestic herds" she had a magical cow of plenty.

In Irish mythology, Flidas or Flidais (modern spelling: Fliodhas, Fliodhais) is…

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A Shamanic Journey - Getting There and Back

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