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One-trip grocery bag holders!! I could def use this since I like to carry ten bags all at once.

One Trip Grip Grocery Bag Holder

One trip grip grocery bag holder. need one of these One trip grip grocery bag holder. need one of these One trip grip grocery bag holder.

I can’t imagine my life without dogs… They bring certain joy and positive energy to one’s home.

Greenland Dog "This dog has pulled a sled at least miles, that's more than a lap around the equator. His name is Armstrong.

the Pasta Man sings opera when your noodles are ready...awesome.

Al Dente Operatic Pasta Timer.Al Dente Operatic Pasta Timer - Put This Figure in Boiling Water With Pasta and When It Is Done, The Man Sings Opera!

Grow wheat grass in a tray for your dog or cat’s feeding bowls. Also serves as a nutritious snack for indoor pets. Catches water and food spilled from bowl.

19 Brilliant DIY Projects For Pet Food Stations

Doggie Bowls in Wheat Grass! 10 DIY Projects for Your Dog! - Could so do the water bowl in wheatgrass for my cat, he likes to dig his water out of the bowl.

greatest love of all.....the love of a rescued dog

Rescue or Adopt and fill your home with LOVE! This was my Boy Tank (rip baby boy)


The smiling Loris by Irawan Subingar This animal might look harmless, but the slow loris is one of the only poisonous mammals in the world. Its subtle nature makes it popular in the illegal pet trade,.

Susannah's Kitchen: 15 Most Wished for Kitchen Gadgets

Italian cooktop and cookware company Bialetti is best known for its Moka Express stovetop espresso maker. It has, however, been bolstering its line of pots and pans over the recent years. - Miyoko Ohtake's Bialetti Pasta Pot design collection on Dwell.

Make this eco-friendly tick repellant that really works! You can use it on yourself or your pets.

Bugs, Beware! How to Repel and Remove Ticks

Before you head out on your next hike, take the time to make this quick, easy, and eco-friendly tick repellent, which keeps those nasty suckers away thanks to