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Wasn't me...

AWWW Norman is such a cute/funny guy! Daryl having fun… (Norman Reedus with Chandler Riggs)


That guy with the backpack probably hated them. I was like only TRUE wtd fans KNOW what episode and what they were doing! I love the walking dead!

46 Things You'll Only Find Funny If You Watch "The Walking Dead" - BuzzFeed Mobile. I find this extremely funny because she's just like Rick, hey!  Hey, Rick! And the Govner just comes up behind like NONONO, NOT TODAY. This scene was so frustrating...if she just would have taken a few steps forward. Dammit Andrea!

46 Things You'll Only Find Funny If You Watch "The Walking Dead"

46 Things You'll Only Find Funny If You Watch "The Walking Dead" these r so funny

great quotes from Daryl

Quotes from the badass daryl Dixion. Whats your favorite daryl quote? I'd say mine is "Am I the only one zen around here?" or "damn, you are one ugly skank!

Darryl Dixon- the Walking Dead

who lives at a prison in cell block c? dar-yl dix-on! taking care of babies and killing zombies! dar-yl dix-on! if protection from walkers is something you wish! dar-yl dix-on! he acts like a man, not like a bitch.

I cried so hard. Sooo sad! I just wanted to hold him and tell him it will be alright. :'(

Funny pictures about When Daryl cries. Oh, and cool pics about When Daryl cries. Also, When Daryl cries.

Thats hilarious

"How dare yo u call my kid a hotdog!" Rule number never call Thor's kid a hotdog

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40 of the Best 'Walking Dead' Memes from Season 3

Page 227 of 366 - The Walking Dead Memes that live on after the characters and season ended. Memes are the REAL zombies of the show.

Norman prince Mark Reedus ♥

28 Reasons why Daryl Dixon is The Walking Deads sexiest man - funny and really weird. If I were the dude who plays that guy and I saw this, I would be so creeped out. It's pretty funny though.