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The first cover for Deadpool vs Carnage from Marvel comics. Pencils by Glenn Fabry, painted by me.

here dogpool, heeeere dogpool.

The Deadpool Corps embark on a universe-spanning mission that only they can accomplish. Enter: Headpool, Kidpool, Dogpool and Lady Deadpool! Five times the Merc! Five times the Mouth!

The more I learn about Deadpool...the more I love him. Amazing art! Wanna draw like that! Just, how do you make the pen and ink work black? I mean, every time I scan my inked stuff in, it comes in gray and brownish. So, how do you make the ink work black without darkening the paper?

I love Deadpool

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Deadpool decapitates Binks :-)°° ---> oh my gosh its amazing! thank you deadpool! jar jar binks is an abomination!

Taskmaster vs. Deadpool. My god. I need to read this. Now.

Deadpool vs Taskmaster for Cable/Deadpool 36 art by: Patrick Zircher colors: Me Cable-Deadpool issue 36 cover


¡ Las mejores 124 imágenes de Deadpool !