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Arco de Palacio.

Arco de Palacio.

The Alcázar of Toledo, Spain

The Alcázar of Toledo at the top of the city - Toledo, Spain - Beautiful city

The Alcazar in Toledo, Castilla La Mancha, Spain

It's a beautiful world. Evening lights in Toledo , Castilla La Mancha, Spain (by Pedro Lastra)

Alcázar of Toledo, Spain. Once used as a Roman palace in the 3rd century, it was restored under Charles I (Holy Roman Emperor Charles V) and his son Philip II of Spain in the 1540s.

lanatura: Alcázar of Toledo by Michał Koliba (via lifeisverybeautiful)

The big 10 - old bridges in Toledo, Spain  You guys have no idea how beautiful I found Toledo.

Miroslav Petrasko The big 10 or one of the old bridges in Toledo (I couldn't find how it's called). I of course couldn't resist not to go under the bridge to take few shots. The water was really calm that day, giving me this perfect reflection :)

High Altar - Toledo Cathedral - Toledo Spain

High Altar - Toledo Cathedral - Toledo Spain - Tour historic places on your iPad…

toledo spain - miss this city sooooo much

This is Toledo Spain. I've never heard of Toledo until a last week when I saw it in the travel section of the newspaper. It sounds amazing!