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The Brazilian Ad Agency Moma Propaganda  has created an ingenious ad series based on how social media ads might  have looked if social networking was firmly implanted in the public  zeitgeist of the 1960s. Sounds like a screenplay for an episode of  "Twilight Zone" or a sequel for "Back to the Future"...

Social Media Vintage Ads For Twitter, Facebook, Skype & YouTube A La Don Draper

Vintage soap Ads | 1885 Pears Soap Ad ~ Adelina Patti, Vintage Health & Beauty Ads

Original vintage magazine print ad for Pears Soap featuring a wonderful engraving of Opera star Adeline Patti.

I want this computer! Someone please build it!

“Striking, miraculous social team-up!” Designed by advertising agency Moma.


“Everything Ages Fast” ad campaign for Maximidia Seminars, created by Moma Propaganda of Sao Paulo


Jordy van den Nieuwendijk: Jordy is an illustrator whose visual style draws heavily from Keith Haring. His use of line and colour to playfully convey ideas is both striking and alluring to the eye.

facebook retro poster

Everything Ages Fast (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Skype)

Retro/ Vintage Social Media Propoganda Posters What if social media had been around since WWI? Well here are some examples of retro/ vintage propaganda for a few of the sites we have today as they MAY have looked years ago.

Illustrazioni vintage

LONDON City Art Deco Bauhaus Poster Print Vintage Retro Original Design Vogue Cityscape Travel on Etsy,

Retro future! History of the future of transportation. Thanks, Paleofuture.

From the upcoming PaleoFuture magazine, issue The history of the future of public transportation. (drawings based on other drawings -.

tumblr_mrg1zphNtG1srney3o7_1280.jpg (600×805)

Vintage Advertisement of Modern Technology

Sao Paulo ad agency Moma Propaganda created a stunning series of posters using retro illustrations to promote social media services as part of the project “Everything Ages Fast.