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Be Still

in the black and white dichotomy of certainty which cannot exist in this life but used hopelessly still to chide to berate to reproach unassembled fragments of imagination unfinished items on a to-…

Can You Take A Compliment?

Are You Emotionally Castrating Your Man? A GOOD article for those of us that berate themselves....

How To Stop Being Mean To Yourself About Your Weight (Seriously!)

How To Stop Being Mean To Yourself About Your Weight (Seriously!) - I need to re-read this regularly.

You can make up your own LaCroix flavor with this online generator

From Lagerfeld’s totally uncalled for comments about Adele’s body to Limbaugh’s deplorable declaration that Georgetown student Sandra Fluke is nothing but a birth-control-toting hussy, weight-shaming and slut-shaming suddenly seem to be the go-to quick fixes for instant publicity. And it seriously has to stop.

My God, these would-be presidential candidates must think the American electorate is stupid. Believe me, after a half-century in the newspaper business, I know they are not. People know a real thing or a fraud when they see one. But then… maybe some of us are fools. After all, we willingly sit for hours in front of our TV sets and listen to them debate, bicker and berate their opponents. In return, we, the electorate, get nothing in substance back for our time except grief.

200 Futuristic Light Leaks

200 Futuristic Light Leaks ~~ Looking for ways to improve your photos? These light leaks make your photos more interesting and theyre extremely easy to use. Just place them over your photo and set the blending mode to Screen, Linear Dodge, or Linear Light. The images are 22 megapixels