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23 Thoughts Every Girl Has Watching 'The Notebook' | Her Campus

23 Thoughts Every Girl Has Watching 'The Notebook'

So you  yet so adorable

Pin for Later: Ryan Gosling's Sex Appeal Explained in GIFs The Head Nod Source: Nickelodeon

gotta have patience

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Of course

gun rights, Obamacare


Nice thought, too bad it's not written correctly.

Raza Jaffrey

Raza Jaffrey

Paula Deen while she was being mugged!  I would probably shock a priest or two with my language if I were being mugged.

Wish the media was more interested in the crimes and corruption of our administration then Paula deen

51356-13179.gif (319×240)

51356-13179.gif (319×240)

Liberal Logic, Russia Putin, Vladimir Putin, Google, Bing Images

oh you can laugh at the Rick-roll as long as you want...I STILL love this song!  :)

owners manual manuals instructions guide, owners manual manuals service manual guide and maintenance manual guide on your products.

Dr Ben Carson

This man is awesome.the quote should read, "IT would create division.

"Obama is the greatest HOAX ever perpatrated on the American people."  Clint Eastwood

how about a Carson Eastwood ticket?

Pale Horse

Facebook Saturday ………………….

Do you know all the lies of Obama or are you waiting for the movie? No Democrats.



military help was just 1 hour away  || Remember: The Benghazi attack went on for several hours while a live feed of video went to the State Dept. & Pentagon. Chris Stevens was brutally raped, burned, & murdered by an angry mob of Muslim men (not 72 virgins). We don't know what happened to the others who were killed. Obama KNEW & he went campaigning in Vegas & hit the television circuit. I AM LIVID.

military help was just 1 hour away and Obama lets 4 people die


Confidential IRS Tax Info Exchanged with White House High Level Officials: Lying, Thieving, Evil Bureaucrats