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You would make a terrible companion Bones

The Doctor knows what he's talking about. The video from which this is taken (shut gour mouth) is wonderful. I ain't bovvered! As a student of osteology I feel like saying shut up a lot when ever I watch Bones.

You don't understand. I would die. Yet simultaneously be squealing and rolling on the floor and crying.

I'm not a huge destiel shipper really - I consider them good friends and I love that, but OMG- proposing "you be a Winchester / my other (other) brother" (seriously.


Ash on

Beans are evil! Bad beans

The Tardis's Quotes. What our latest doctors think about food.I have noticed that there is a climax in the thoughts of the doctor. The Tardis's Quotes: food

Problem with youre future you? ;-)  Love this!

Doctor Who - actually after the War Doctor says that, he yells "Gallifrey Stands!" So in my opinion, that's his catchphrase.

Fish fingers and custard, anyone? (Nine's face is mine when watching this bit, though I still laugh every time!)

If the doctor offered the others fish fingers and custard. I love face over there!

When you see it... It's sad and funny at the same time!

When you see it. It's sad and funny at the same time!<--- actually technically Tennant is in a place where he is supposed to be because even when ten died ,he never really left.In all reality it's really the one place he will ALWAYS belong .

His hearts were so broken that he didn't expect to love again.  He didn't want to because he didn't want to shatter them more- or to break hers.  But they couldn't help it because it surprised them both.  He loved her and she loved him back.  In the end, there were three broken hearts instead of two, but they both agreed- it was worth it.

I hope this is referring to Doctor Who.(it really suits it) It's not the clearest thing, him Rose and love is kind of vague.