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Riccione (Italy) cn Dany, Giugno 2015

Riccione (Italy) cn Dany, Giugno 2015

49 Islands You Must Visit Before You Die. Joe and I have been to #45 together!!! I would love to visit almost all of these places.

49 Islands You Must Visit Before You Die

49 Islands You Must Visit Before You Die There's a big world out there filled with islands just waiting for your arrival. We curated the 49 best islands across the globe that you absolutely must visit before you die. Time to get out the bucket list.

Travels from 1989. Mt. Etna, Taormina, Sicily, Italy.  Stayed with my relatives. The most beautiful place I have ever been. Mt Etna volcano in the background.

Ultimate Italy Tour

Monterrosso’s beach. Blog on Hiking Cinque Terre – A Photo Guide

Monterrosso’s beach, Cinque Terre, Italy. May win first place for favorite places I've been

Ruins of Pompeii, Italy~~Walking these streets is an amazing step back in time; you can see the volcano over the water...eeeeery.

Ruins of Pompeii, Italy. The city of Pompeii is a partially buried Roman town-city near modern Naples in the Italian region of Campania, in the territory of the comune of Pompei. One of the most memorable places I've ever been.

Lago Maggiore. One of the most beautiful places I've been.

One of the most beautiful places I've been. The drive from Malpensa is beautiful and then 25 km more your in Switzerland. Spring is beautiful when the wisteria is blooming.

Positano, Italy. The fact that places like these exist make me love life more and more ❤️

101 Beautiful Places To Visit Before You Die! (Part I)

Positano is a small village of about 3860 inhabitants, which is situated in Campania in the province of Salerno. Located in the heart of the Amalfi Coast, Positano is a pearl of Italy, nestled in a corner of paradise between steep cliffs and gentle waves.