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Mule Deers in Arches National Park, Utah (photo by Nate Zeman)

The horns serve as a symbol of beauty. So here are some Beautiful Pictures of Animals with Horns. Animals really look very bold and charming with a pair of horns.


I've NEVER seen fawn triplets before! How amazing! Fawn Triplets (by

10 Small Exotic Cats That Are Kept As Pets

10 Legal Small Exotic Cats That Are Kept as Pets

Serval, a medium-sized African wild cat. I don't think I'll own a cat unless its a serval.

-the goats weren't taking any chances so they took to the trees:finish the story if you please:ceeanne.

Tree climbing goats of Morocco. Check out the video, they love the fruit of the Argan Tree.thats hilarious

Just remember, always keep your head up. Never let them see fear.

Animal Life on

"Leopard females were merciless about breaches of Pack law, because they knew that without Law, their children would start to die one by one at each other's hands."--Visions of Heat

Big baby Moose...

Roadblock on the Gunflint Trail in Cook Country, Minnesota