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Princess Diana's Iconic Style Moments - Marie Claire - Marie Claire UK

Princess Diana's Iconic Style Moments and Kensington Palace Exhibition

Princess Diana and Catherine Walker Photograph

Princess Diana and Catherine Walker Photograph

29 August 1985 Prince Charles and Princess Diana meet Pope John Paul II. Private audiences with the Pope are a formal affair. Ladies should wear a long (well below the knees) dress. It should be black, with a matching hat or other head covering and veil. Exceptions are made for Catholic Queens and Queen Consorts who by dispensation may wear white. Hence Diana's  unusual apparel.

Prince Charles & Princess Diana visit the Vatican & meet with Pope John Paul II in Italy,


August Princess Diana, Prince Harry, Prince William & Prince Charles attend the commemoration of VJ Day in London. Princess Diana looks so happy 😁 in this photograph!

Diana in Lahore, Pakistan at a Cancer Hospital. April, 1996

Princess Diana visited Jemima Khan in Pakistan in In this photo, Diana is dressed in a traditional Muslim manner with her arms and legs covered.

Princess Diana ["Repinned by Keva xo"]

Princess Diana had such an amazing sense of style - mind you, she could probably have worn a hessian bag and looked stunning! I absolutely love this one - a favourite of mine!

Princess Diana in Bosnia 1997. Done with The Firm. Still helping the world.

August Diana, Princess Of Wales visiting Sarajevo, Bosnia. Just weeks b/f her tragic death, Diana was dressed in JP Tod loafers, classic blouse and simple black jeans. Timeless and striking to the end.