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Baby Cheetah

Baby Cheetah

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Cheetah takes a liking to the camera and the camera takes a licking! - GoPro: Cheetah Licks My GoPro

▶ GoPro: Cheetah Licks My GoPro - Matthew Copham, a Safari Footprints guide, captures a curious cheetah checking out his GoPro.


The cheetah can run up to speeds of 70 miles per hour, but that's not fast enough to save it from the brink of extinction.

25 Cute GIFs of Dogs That Are So Lovey-Dovey You'll Weep

25 Cute GIFs of Dogs That Are So Lovey-Dovey You'll Weep

Kids these days and their rock n' roll hair.

Young Cheetah sports a mohawk! :-) Thanks to Wild Nature (FB)" Cheetahs r amazing, and adapting to the new enviromental changes but for once not fast enough. DO UR PART! Save the cheetah

I am the definiton of speed.

San Diego wild animal park California Cheetah momma and cub~ Baby Cheetah! it's no surprise to me that birds descended from velociraptors.

Bear Creek Sanctuary - Current Adoptions

Jazhara is a male jaglion.Born at Bear Creek Sanctuary to lioness Lola.jaglions have a jaguar father and a lion mother. A female was also born and her name is Tsunami. Their fathers name is Diablo.

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Top Tourist Attractions in Tanzania

taleiloto:  Snow leopard?   #appletribe

Is that a cheetah, in the snow? Or is that some other cat? Cause I thought cheetahs didn't live in snow, or am I mistaken?


I want to spend the rest of my life learning about cheetahs. This website is about you trying to learn about cheetahs too.