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Lacy curtains blowing in the breeze, because we never had air conditioning. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

open windows, fresh air, wallpaper and lace curtains.how I wish I could sleep with open windows again, and not be terrified

Batas Desejo por Vita Kin

Batas Desejo por Vita Kin

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Love the feelings this photo brings back to me from being at my  grandparents farmhouse and the night breeze coming through the window.

Open windows so the breeze can ruffle the curtains.always felt good on a hot humid summer night . We had no air conditioning back in those days either.

noch strömte kühle morgenluft ins zimmer bevor die sommerhitze wieder den tag regieren würde ...

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See the curtains hanging in the window.in the evening on a Friday night.summer breeze makes me feel fine.blowing through the jasmine in my mind ~Summer Breeze {excerpt}, Seals and Crofts

watching lace curtains blowing in the breeze, gentle and feminine

Open Doors and Windows for Cross Ventilation- It’s really very important because in rainy season, our home tends to be a humid place to live which leads to the growth of organisms which may affect your health as well.

No AC when I was young...so this is what I remember each warm summer day

I can't think of much I like better than having the windows open, and having sheer curtains blowing in the wind!