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For the moment, here is the second picture of my "Tribute to Marilyn Monroe" set by the talented Ewa Cieszkowska She made one of my best and favorite classic pin-up and cheesecake pictures. (2012 - Paris ) Styling by Acid Doll

Martha Hyer Selected filmography: Gun Smugglers (1948) Rustlers (1949) The Lawless (1950) The Battle of Rogue River (1954) Sabrina (1954) Wyoming Renegades (1954) Lucky Me (1954) Battle Hymn (1957) Paris Holiday (1958) Some Came Running (1958) The Sons of Katie Elder (1965) Catch As Catch Can (1967) Crossplot (1969)

Gwendolyn, red and white. It also comes in other patriotic colors, as "pin up girl" shoes should.

hollyhocksandtulips: Dutch pulp pin-up magazine: Studio de Paris nr 12. Inside illustration of uncredited artist.