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He's My Kinda Pimp!!!   LOL

laughing so hard. I didn't chose the gangsta life the gangsta life chose me.

Pug Shaming. Not gonna lie, some of these were pretty funny!

Pug Shaming

I have an all black pug, and nice to know that he's just living a regular cause I'm concerned at times -- Pug Shaming. Some of these are hilarious. The "I only know one position" thing must be a pug trait.

pugs: “ what’s up ”

Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. pugs: “ what’s

Lines on a face for a pug for detail is very important for my picture because pugs are known for their wrinkles.

Get these prints on phone cases, canvases, mugs and more here! All the photos used were taken by me and are unavailable anywhere else.

This sad Pug needs help finding the perfect name. Won't you help? Here's a few ideas... http://www.dog-names-and-more.com/Pug-Names.html

Pug Names: For The One Of A Kind Male Or Female