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Being skinny is not easy, So I gave up and opted for sexy instead.

It's not fair. Everyone who got married before Pinterest should get another shot at it. For free. | Wedding Ecard |

just not fair. i want to renew my vows just so i can have another wedding, lol.


we need this to replace our "doorbell broken, please knock" sign that we've had up for about 10 years now! lol

Funny pictures about Doorbell broken. Oh, and cool pics about Doorbell broken. Also, Doorbell broken.

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"I've found the key to happiness. Stay the hell away from assholes" (^RPV - Best. Come on happiness!

Yeah, that's why I hate jogging.

I don't trust joggers. They're always the ones that find the dead bodies. I'm no detective. just sayin ~ Joke All You Can

Winnie the Pooh - BRAVER, STRONGER, SMARTER - Subway Art - Digital File. $5.00, via Etsy.

Winnie the Pooh - BRAVER, STRONGER, SMARTER - Instant Download

So true.

Girls Compete With Each Other. Women Empower One Another. but should we accept this behavior in our girls and the culture that pushes them to tear each other down?