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AWz, Thor painted his face to make Loki feel better! Thor would make a lame iceman, haha! XD Loki just makes an emo iceman!

Just take the goat Loki :) (I dont know why Thor is giving Loki a little goat, but this is cute) ---- aaawww.... Loki!! <3

Just take the goat Loki :) (I dont know why Thor is giving Loki a little goat, but this is cute) ---- aaawww. It's because Thor is lord of the goats, and has a chariot pulled by goats.


Dog Thor Cat Loki by LittleDarkDragon on deviantART. can this get any more accurate? Saturday Morning Cartoon Reject # Loki-Cat and Thor-Dog

Natasha's knife and pistol, Bruce completely buried under the covers, Clint in his nest... and COULSON. :D


Super Cute "Avengers" Fan Art--->I like that Thor's hair is in curlers, that Banner is hiding under the covers, and the Agent Coulson has captain America everything!

Well, since you asked.... ;-)

Hug me this instant, mortal. I would totally hug Loki, if it was Tom Hiddleston!

Avengers Dump - Imgur

Avengers Dump

I have a feeling Tony had something to do with Thor's snowman hahaah - "Little Red Riding Thor" << LITTLE RED RIDING THOR<< Clint has arrows instead of arms

Thor and Odin's faces at the end xD

Fan comic of Thor: Ragnarok. Thor was confused about the fact that how similar that Loki and Hela are. The horns, the act, the hair. Don't be sad, Thor Odinson, at least you got the crown.

Loki and Thor

Player 2 Curse

Loki vs. Tony Stark

Funny pictures about Loki vs. Oh, and cool pics about Loki vs. Also, Loki vs.

Pretty funny

Avengers tony stark's guide to having fun at work iron man bruce banner hulk steve rogers captain america funny fan art marvel comics

Loki & Thor. Loki never gives up. He's trying everything to win his brother's pride and some of his heart too

Loki & Thor when Loki decides to switch forms and genders. XD by Phobs<<< dayum loki is hawt.

Haha Look at Thor, he looks so shocked that Loki would eat ice-cream before dinner. Well, who hasn't eaten dessert before dinner?

Loki and Thor go out for ice cream. Thor also ate a lot more then his little brother. LOVE THIS!!!!!!

Look at all the ice cream Thor ate but gosh I love what Loki said rubbing it in Thors face

Civil War II -- art by bear-tholdt.  Rhodey on his Stark-tech legs...!

ask: "May I request Tony Stark and James Rhodes(maybe with his prosthetics if that's okay?" answer: "Civil War II" >>> "FUCK YOU STEVEN!

about Loki's birth mother by acantharia on DeviantArt

Loki 's birth mother - My mind is blown right now, IT MAKES SENSE. << I like this theory, but tend to think maybe she was Asgardian, not human.<-- Both of these theories are quite intriguing.