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"A Christian Guy or a Man of God?" by God's daughter (blog post)

A Christian Guy or a Man of God? (God's Daughter)

Slow down. There is hardly any more pleasant occupation than just sitting on the dock of the bay :)

djupaskogar:  •Nature, hiking, wilderness, camping, calm•

i just need some time alone ck by the water, with blankets and hot tea or coffee, traveling was what we did well.

I wish I were here

A great place for a nap! I remember sleeping on dad's small fishing boat at the lake as a child. Can't think of a better cradle!

Islamic Duas <3

What Is Quran and faith On sacred books. The Qur’an represents the fountainhead of Divine guidance for every Muslim. Its revelation to the Prophet Muhammad.

Reconciling the past and the present

So, you lost your twin flame. Whether you were the one who ran, or you are the one who is chasing. Guaranteed right now, you are feeling lost,

✦ WISDOM ✦ There is wisdom in everything that He Decrees for us; from the pain to the joy - there are blessings to be gained. Let us hold on with firm acceptance of Allah's desire to only do good by us.

"If people let you down, specifically those beloved and close to you, or if you put your hope and trust to someone before Allah but they don't come through. At that point, know that Allah wants you to turn to Him.

"And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Or yourself?" -Mark 8:36

I have no idea how to play guitar but wouldn't mind learning somewhere this beautiful

Change yourself, to change your life

"Allah never changes the condition of a people unless they strive to change themselves" (Translation of the meaning of The Holy Quran