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Girls Fact 127

It is unbelievably hard to earn my trust. I don't think anyone has really fully earned it yet.

yes! I don't think you should be bragging about that...

Some boys are like. I can get any girl! And like girls like me. They should know girl's crave cheap things.

Girl fact

Although, the right person can remove those bricks. Brick by brick and let the sun shine in.

HAHAHA. no comment :P

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I AM SUPER JELOUS of the girl who has the one guys whos name is always on my mind.... if that me, than I'm jelous of myself

I AM SUPER JELOUS of the girl who is ALWAYS around MY crush! She had a boyfriend but her and my crush still put their arms around each other!

Slowly going silent guessed you haven't notived

A little exaggerated But when a girl is quite she's trying to figure how to make you understand what is killing her inside.

I seriously have insomnia for this, it's gotten to the point where I can't think straight during the day.

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I mean, if you think about it, it's so true.

Inspiring picture boy, even if its silly, girl, him, like. Find the picture to your taste!