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Minimalist Wardrobe Editing Decision Guide Infographic

Wardrobe Editing Decision Guide Infographic - How to Get Rid of Clothes Decision Tree Chart | fashion, closet, minimalist living, minimalism, simple living

What goes first? Your New Makeup Routine Guide

I do my eyeshadow first. (Makes cleaning up fallen powder easier and not disastrous to my Foundation). Concealer last. (See what Foundation takes care of first, you'll use less Concealer) But what do I know? I've only been a makeup artist for 14 years! ;)

Wardrobe Diagnostics: Why you don't have anything to wear

Lists and sh*t

I'll admit, on special occasions and date night, I'll follow this. Most days, I hop, skip, jump, to wash face, moisturizer, face powder, 3D fiber lash mascara & lip color. Out the door!

Packing A Suitcase Is No Easy Task

The perfect guide that let's you know if you need to pack it or not. Fun packing flow chart.