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Silhouette young woman practicing yoga on the beach at sunset Silhouette young woman practicing yoga on the beac

Discover Yourself and who you are. Meditation. Food for your soul. This is just for you. But in the long run it will help those around you, so keep at it.

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I believe working out on a beach side while sunset is a very relaxing thing. This certainly is one thing I love to do when I am on a beach side.


The thought ‘I am meditating’ is an ego thought. If real meditation is taking place, this thought cannot arise.

Prayer is talking while meditating is listening. There are hundreds of ways to meditate, and we tend to make it much harder than it really is. Meditating can be as simple as sitting quietly and focusing attention on your breath. Meditation is just being without the noise and barriers of the mind, without expectations and ideas of who you are. You connect with the simplest essence that has no form – your being.

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... Just closing the eyes does not give you what meditation is. Pure meditation is one where all one's vehicles...are drawn towards the core of the being without any division in that state. Meditation is the dynamic balance of intellectual and intuitive consciousness." ~ BKS Inyengar "The Tree Of Yoga"

my mom teaches yoga and cultures that involve balance and peace of the mind and soul have become a big part of my familys life Spiritual aspect

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There are several Yoga centers on Ibiza - The island is the ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful place to practice yoga or meditation.