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The Luckiest Man On Earth

The Luckiest Man On Earth

I wanna be dis man and jus scream "katniss and hermione my good friends"luckiest man on earth emma and jen

Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle-we just saw this movie and it was really good. Love her in it!

35 Ways In Which Jennifer Lawrence Is Just Like Us

Because she’s an artist…

Because she’s an artist…

Jennifer Lawrence defining what an artist really is.just tryin' to make it to lunch. You go, girl!

-They're so cute - that or a beginner stalker XD

And when Jennifer literally knew everything about Josh, including his hatred for chewing straws:

27 Times Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson Proved They Have The Best Offscreen Relationship Ever. I wanna friendship/relationship like this

Jennifer’s best asset…

Jennifer’s best asset…

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper funny interview about Victoria secret

This is why I love her.. Because I do stupid shit like this.. She seems to be the most "normal" celebrity out there :)

actually when I typed in JE it was Jennifer Lawrence the first thin that popped up. although I love her JESUS Gould be the firsts thing.

Jennifer Lawrence is amazing! She is the perfect role model! Funny thing is, she is not heavy at all!

51 Seriously Badass Ladies Who Will Make You Proud To Be A Woman

Jennifer Lawrence I love this! Girls need to know that beauty is not found in waist size or a number on a scale. Jennifer Lawrence is so down-to-Earth and honest. She's talented, funny and a positive role model.

Jennifer Lawrence rocks

This is why I love Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence

Watch Jennifer Lawrence Photobomb Taylor Swift at the Golden Globes | Vanity Fair

Watch Jennifer Lawrence Photobomb Taylor Swift at the Golden Globes