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The Soul Of Bread - 2012 - Tìm với Google
India: The Lunch Box  Director: Ritesh Batra The simplicity of Mumbai’s 120-year-old delivery system - where ‘dabbawalas’ (tiffin carriers) collect and distribute lunch boxes, or ‘dabbas’ as they are called, to more than 200,000 people - was being studied to help identify best practices in leadership and management to foster competitiveness in governance in the emirate.
1953 - Tokyo Story
"Monga" - Taiwanese gangster film about the strong brotherhood and rivalry within the "Gang of Princes."
But Always Hong Kong Movie 2014▶" ... two school friends, growing up in Beijing, both with different backgrounds...As time progresses their relationship grows and so too do their families. Separated, they lose touch, only to rekindle the romance in New York City, but...they both have established lives & established loves." http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/independent/butalwaysyishengyishi/
Girls 閨密 // 闺密 (2014)
冷静と情熱のあいだ Calmi Cuori Appassionati
Something's Gotta Give. On recommendation from a lovely couple! Brilliant film!