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ArtStation - Fable Legends The Seer Hero Art View, Corentin Sibret

I have been in charge of the dressing of 3 out of the 4 Arena for this level. This level is the second quest of Fable Legends. I also did some asset and tweak texture to have a better quality.

See Exclusive Sketches of the Mockingjay Battle Outfit | TIME

See Exclusive Sketches of the "Mockingjay" Battle Outfit

ArtStation - Magic: The Gathering New Perspectives, Darek Zabrocki

Card I made for new world set AMONKHET for MTG. Attached quick mock ups made for that maze alike structures

Sharky Shark And The Funky Bunch

Welcome to the circus, come in and float with us “the losers club/pennywise role reversal au pt 1 ”

Life is Strange is, in its own way, one of the prettiest video games of the past few years. It shouldn’t surprise any of you, then, that the art behind the game is also very easy on the eye.

The Art Of Life Is Strange

Life Is Strange concept art, Edouard Caplain Concept Artist — DONTNOD Entertainment


Sumette’s World. While being a Light and Color instructor for CGMA I did these Sumette images to describe certain fundamental concepts of digital painting.

Ido Yehimovitz is an illustrator from Tel Aviv, Israel and he created an awesome collection of vehicles from movies and TV shows…

The Greatest Rides by Ido Yehimovitz

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is, as Assassin’s Creed games usually are, very pretty. Which is the result of a massive team of artists from all over the world working on the game.

The Art Of Assassin's Creed Syndicate

a mood piece for Assassin's Creed Syndicate, glad that i have the chance to contribute a tiny bit to the game .

Erraday - Ninjago Mini comic pt.1

Lloyd is the only one who genuinely cares about Nelson part 1 by Erraday

Julien Gauthier is an artist who has worked on stuff like the PS4's “This is for the players” commercial, and on movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and Batman vs Superman.

That's One Way To Handle Rising Sea Levels

Los paseos Mas Grandes: ILUSTRACIONES porción Ido Yehimovitz | Rejilla Inspiración | Diseño Inspiration

Greatest Rides: Illustrations by Ido Yehimovitz

Los paseos Mas Grandes: ILUSTRACIONES porción Ido Yehimovitz | Rejilla Inspiración | Diseño Inspiration

Nurgle Stonghold, Stanton Feng on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/yl1X8

Old work for Games Workshop, Copyright 2017 Games Workshop Limited.