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▶ Present Perfect - Many examples from songs

Present Perfect - Examples in Songs 2

Songs for English Language Learners

Songs can be a great tool for ELLs to learn English. The lyrics of the songs important to ELLs, as well. Also, they should be educationally appropriate. This material is specifically useful to intermediate or Advanced level of ELLs at this point.

Pronoun song to the tune of Barney's "I Love You"...cute. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources.  Follow all our boards at http://pinterest.com/sostherapy  for therapy resources.

Pronoun Song~ Use this somewhat corny song sung to the "I Love You" tune from Barney and Friends TV show to quickly teach all the pronouns!

The Personal Pronoun Song...so totally silly they can't help but learn the concept!

The Personal Pronoun Song.so totally silly they can't help but learn the concept! They're a little tone deaf but the concept gets ingrained!

Verb Rap.. now how to get this onto a thumb drive... hmmm Does anyone know how to do this?  I would love you forever!

I have attached a link to a great song to use when teaching action verbs! My children are addicted to this song. Be prepared though.you wo.

A song about helping verbs!

24 most common English helping verbs, to the tune of "Babyface". This is not an exhaustive list!