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old lady

A foam latex old age makeup, the actors real picture is in the corner.

These 5 Women Are The Last Living People Born In 1800s

These 5 Women Are The Last Living People Born In 1800s

Jeralean Talley from United States, born in May Her secret: Staying active. She still goes on annual fishing trips and even caught seven catfish at age 5 Living People Born In The 7

DWIGHT EISENHOWER (1890-1969) He won a war and two elections, and made everybody like Ike.

Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower: President of the United States - 5 star General in the United States Army. Supreme Allied Commander in Europe during WWII. First Lady: Marie (Mamie) Geneva Doud Vice President: Richard Milhous Nixon

How soaring numbers of MEN are having their love handles liposuctioned away: Blokes now account for 40% of customers  The Daily Mail talked to The Private Clinic of Harley Street's Dr Dennis Wolf about VASER Liposuction or #VASERLipo as we call it.  Smallville actor John Schneider (pictured)  Find out more about VASER Lipo here: http://www.theprivateclinic.co.uk/treatments/lipo-body-contouring/vaser-liposuction

How men are having their love handles liposuctioned away

A Harley Street in London, says that 25 per cent of male patients opt to have their love handles targeted by the liposuction.

"..if you don't already have one or two, find an 'art form' that attracts you and DO IT..."     www.WhiteHair365.com

Image description: a woman with grey hair sits over a work table, looking down at a series of blue-green rectangles of felted material. Behind her, we can see swatches of dyed cloth and spools of yarn.