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Baby Grey

Italian Greyhound, I had one named Chloe looked just like this one. I named my Leopard Turtle after her, in her memory.

Ähnliches Foto

Greyhound Gaze, Dog Photograph, Black and White Brindle Greyhound Picture, Pet…

Sooo very, very sweepy

I was just warming the bed for you.and I got so sweepy. this is totally my dogs!

whippets - Google Search

Whippet is strong dog, agile and very fast, they can run up to speeds of 40 miles per hour. naturally, at first glance have appeared on the whippet's body.


He's her best friend. Kids can be so precious with animals when taught correctly.

thú cưng

Heaven is a pile of golden retrievers-except for all of that dog hair! Maybe they don't shed in heaven!

Greyhound, whippet, Italian greyhound!! The greyhound looks a lot like my dog Hazel!!

Greyhound, Whippet, Italian Greyhound Need to carry this picture around at all times for when people ask "What kind of dog is that?" And then proceed to say that they thought they were bigger than that. My next dog will be the Italian Grey!

if I ever buy another dog it'll be a whippet, they have such a placid nature.

lovely whippet pup, ideal dog if you like your pets on top of tables and work surfaces, .