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.لماذا البول لمريض أمراض الكلي مثل الشايّ ؟ بالنسبة إلي الإنسان السليم ، من العادة ، لا يستطيع أن يظهر هذا عرض . اليوم ، دعنا نعرف لماذا يظهر هذا عرض . إذا لديكم أيّ أسئلة ، تستطيع أن تستشير الأطباء علي الإنترنت في أيّ الوقت ، أو تترك الرسالة إلينا

What are common high creatinine level symptoms? During this process, creatinine is produced.

Nephrotic Syndrome patients often have massive proteinuria. Proteinuria can cause many other symptoms, such as edema, hypoproteinemia and hyperlipemia. How to reduce protein in urine for Nephrotic Syndrome?

Is yellow urine related to kidney pr

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Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is likely to cause some symptoms when the cysts cause kidney damage. Metal taste in mouth with PKD is a common complaint among people. If there are no other symptoms, many people will think it is a dental pro

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The Most Common Nutrition Mistakes

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Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease means your kidneys are moderately damaged with GFR (glomerular filtration rate) reduces to to At this time, timely and proper treatment is required.

37 utilisations formidables de l’aloe vera noté 3.89 - 9 votes 22) Un soin exfoliant pour votre corps Il suffit de mélanger 2 cuillères à soupe d’Aloe vera avec 2 cuillères à soupe de sucre de canne bio et 1 cuillère à soupe de jus de citron bio. Massez le corps puis rincez. Si vous envisagez...

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Aloe vera juice contains leaf pulp that is rich in natural nutrients and fiber. This well-known herbal remedy for the skin also has many benefits for internal healing, cleansing and repair when ingested as a nutritional drink.

Una persona con FSGS y GFR 10 se ha progresado en la enfermedad renal en etapa terminal (ESRD).En esta etapa avanzada de la enfermedad renal, los riñones han perdido casi toda su capacidad de hacer su trabajo con eficacia, y, finalmente, se necesita diálisis para vivir.

How Long is Dialysis Treatment Effective - Kidney Disease Symptoms and Treatment

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Life expectancy is a frequently asked question by many patients, especially those who have lost most of their kidney function. This article is to solve a 45 years old mans question about the life expectancy of kidney function.


When patients develop into Kidney Failure with GFR less than dialysis is needed. At this stage, namely End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), there are some symptoms that you should absolutely pay attention to. Kidney Failure is not only