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Farm exchange and farm swap allows farmers from around the world to finally take a holiday! Wouldn't is be nice to farm exchange and go away for a couple of weeks knowing that your farm or homestead was in capable hands while you were away?

A group which began in Switzerland and migrated to the United States, the Amish still plow with horses and drive in black painted horse buggies. They also dress based on fashions from the time of the group's beginning.

The Amish and other old-order people keep to the Old Ways as a means of keeping their community of faith together. It also keeps skills like this alive.

In an Amish farm drying shed tobacco leaves hang to dry. Lancaster Pennsylvania United States farm.

Amish - In an Amish farm drying shed tobacco leaves hang to dry in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The Amish allow tobacco use in pipes but forbid cigarettes, which are considered "worldly.

(Probably Old Order) Amish farmer plowing.

hard working farm horses provide the power for the machines used to cultivate the soil, historic farms - old world Wisconsin