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#pineapplehair please don't actually do this, but if you do SHOW ME

Weird Pineapple Hairstyle - You are viewing Photo titled Weird Pineapple Hairstyle – Funny Hairstyle I Have Ever Seen. from the Category Funny Pictures Tags: Body Art Designs & Artistic

it's worse to look at when you're not allowed to laugh.

Funny pictures about Curiosity swapped the face. Oh, and cool pics about Curiosity swapped the face. Also, Curiosity swapped the face.

Cute cat v. Grump cat

Funny pictures about Snoopy Cat Meets Grumpy Cat. Oh, and cool pics about Snoopy Cat Meets Grumpy Cat. Also, Snoopy Cat Meets Grumpy Cat.

Ive seen it on my friends husbands. Haha i usually even have to grab the oh shit handle

Funny picture of scared little boy riding in the passenger side of a toy car, with a little girl driving. Caption: Every man has this look when his wife is driving.

Animals do the best photo bombs. Aaah Photo bombing! I do it every time the opportunity arises

Animals do the best photo bombs. These seriously make me laugh EVERY time! Who has some good photo bombs from our furry friends?

We have rounded up some mind-bending photographs that are not Photoshopped.

Top 20 Perfectly Timed Funny Photos << some pictures remind me of AOT (attack on titan)

Fucking Australia

Fucking cassowary-- IM ALREADY DEAD LAUGHING AT THIS DESCRIPTION. they need an adult zoo just to have these descriptions hahaha also, this bird is pretty much Kevin from the movie UP. always wondered wtf he was and now i think i figured it out!

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@Lindsey Tetrick You guys should get this for your house haha

I laugh at all innappropriate times when all types of people fart! It's a problem, but when I am home my family can fart and I can giggles all we want!

Why would I want to do that NURSE?

Why would I want to do that NURSE?

Nurses - helping to keep you just a touch less dead. The mission of a nurse to keep the patients a touch less dead


LOL. Look at this