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Old Baking Supplies

I have my mother's sifter just like this one and use it all of the time! It brings back memories every time I use it to cook! Oh, my mother! How I miss her and what memories I have of her!

Everything old is new again  Love this.  This is exactly how we got a lot of our antiques and still have them.  The sad thing is our children could care less.

Antiques Grandma Had It Mom Threw It Out I Bought It Back wood sign-sign for antique shop, hand crafted in usa, funny wood sign

love a good coke float.

Old Fashioned Coke Float - A scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream and Coke. Or you could make it healthier, and use Diet Coke. Maybe even Vanilla Ice Cream made with Splenda. However you do it, A Coke Float is a yummy summer drink!

antique cash register - too expensive, i know, but how cool would it look?! Although I could probably just bling up the existing one, for some added effect

White vintage cash register ❖Blanc❖ Harold had one just like this one when he ran the store on Barnardsville Hwy.

ƒαℓℓ ✧ ɓrφwŋ Ꭺųʈųɱŋ

We had a mail box like this one next to the front door and the mailman who walked with a big bag on his back came up and placed the letters in it. Just one step out the door to get your mail each day.neat bill storage for home office!

thread spools ~ I love wooden spools of thread!  I used to have a large collection...many of which were from "Coats and Clark", a garment factory just 17 miles "down the road" from my hometown!  :)

I remember wooden cotton spools and have lots of them with usable thread. Hate polyester thread as it dissolves when you have to add clothing sewn with it.

Cried every time Mom played this on guitar and we sang along.

Puff the Magic Dragon- Peter, Paul and Mary. I couldn't sing this in elementary school music class without crying. Then when I learned what the song was about in junior high school--I felt like an idiot for being emotional about it

Moon Pies and RC Cola

RC Cola and a Moon Pie - The kids loved moonpies. Only drank RC Cola occasionally, but wasn't a big fan.

Old time children 'bike'  My mother called this a kiddie car....or a walker.

vintage baby walker - My baby brother 'walked' around in this in our house in QV, NY. with 'my' dog Rusty that I found the night my brother was born I seem to recall a "pole w/handle" that you could attach and then use as a stroller outside.

Red vintage butter churner

A red vintage butter churner. Instead of the old "shake up heavy cream in a small jar until it turns to butter", do it old school! Butter in less than five minutes.