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weirton night view by dragonwolface

weirton night view by dragonwolface

♂ Beautiful nature mist solo tree reflection Once upon a time by Kevin Day

♂ Beautiful nature mist solo tree reflection Once upon a time by Kevin Day- i love how everything is lost and two trees pop out of nowhere- the big one, and its reflection

color palettes for edgecomb gray | monochrome gray color palette:

This is a perfect example of pastel pink monochrome shades combination. Seems like this palette was created for the style of "Shabby chic”.

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25 Summer And Popular Outfits Of Tiger Mist Australian Label

Make a cooling spritz to mist yourself in hot weather. Combine 2 tsp distilled witch hazel with 20 drops of lavender essential oil. Shake & fill the rest of the way with water or rose water. Shake before spraying and mist whenever hot or need a refresh.

All-Natural Mists

Refresh with All-Natural DIY Mists A refreshing spritz of fragrant water is a great way to keep cool in summer. To create sprays, simply fill mist bottles with water and a few strips of julienned cucumber or sprigs of lavender and mint.

Witch Hazel for Acne-Prone Skin | Witch Hazel Facial Mist | http://homemadeforelle.com

With Hazel for Acne

Create this Witch Hazel facial mist to reduce acne, redness and irritation to give you clearer, better looking skin. Witch Hazel for Acne. ** Check this informative post by going to the link at the image.