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I know I shouldn't condone obesity...but he's so...fatty and chubby and I just want to squeeeeeeeeze him!!!

" is THE funniest! I cried! The Loaf of Bread" (previous description on this link) . so NOT funny, people! This cat is way, way overweight and probably cannot care for itself properly. Fat cats are NOT funny! Or cute!

Nhoque, o gatito!

Nhoque, o gatito!

Tee hee, I can relate...I continually find my cat snoozing in the nesting boxes in our chicken coops just like this with the hens looking on.  (Sometimes I find her snuggled up to a chicken as well)!

Cat Doesn't Understand Why Chicks Are So Obsessed With Him (Chicken Backyard Baby Chicks)

Cross breed :P

Literally half husky and half labrador-Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day - 21 Pics