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The Walking Dead 'Eye for an Eye' Poster

'Walking Dead' Season 3 poster teases midseason return: The Governor has his eye on Rick

Oh Daryl.... ;) this is why you're my favorite character on the walking dead. Every survival group needs a Daryl. #1 choice is always a cross bow in a zombie apocolaypse...just saying.

Ride loud motorcycle anyway, like a boss! The Walking Dead

Carl! Get back in the house and laugh your sheriff hat off at these memes.

34 Hilarious 'Walking Dead' Memes from Season 2

plants vs zombies on walking dead.two of my favorite things.

Who's watching Lil Asskicker?

Frightening thought :(

So...what'd I miss? One hell of a church service!!

- Meme - Season 5 Episode 3 - Four Walls and a Roof - Fangirl - The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus i love you....so hoping to meet him while the filming is going on here in my small town!!!!!!

The Walking Dead ~ Norman Reedus ("Daryl Dixon")

The walking dead

Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead

said no one in the history of ever.  she's the worst.

So true - I so wish she would become zombie food.

Rick gets it #TheWalkingDead

The Walking Dead memes

IN the spirit of the election...

Vote Grimes/Dixon in 2012 I would personally change it to Dixon/Grimes

The Walking Dead movie & tv Daryl Dixon poster personalized decorative zippered pillowcases queen size 20x30 (inch) one side

Would You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse In Style?

The Walking Dead - Nonton Film Gratis

The Walking Dead. EXACTLY HOW I FEEL RIGHT NOW. and hour and thirty something till the finale. HURRY TIME, MOVE FASTER!

The Walking Dead. I really don't feel like waiting until October!

Dix♥n Bros x

'The Walking Dead' - "Brothers Unite" mid-season poster

And possible get a kiss ;)

Claimed ~ The Walking Dead I claimed him! He's mine!) <<-- hell yes he's claimed. Lol<<lady's lady's we can SHARE HIM, hell yah hes claimed