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Boss Jocks…a weekly Boss 30 playlist distributed everywhere…plus non-stop temptations (such as the Boss Garage, a contest to win a new car of your choice) to never miss a minute of Boss Radio: That momentum addicted us all to The Big 93. - http://www.brucesallan.com/2013/03/02/the-evolution-of-technology-am-radio-top-40-lists/

The Evolution of Technology: AM Radio -- Top 40 Lists

Yes, we can. (and it will be our little secret). #FridayFunny

The "Evolution of Technology" series looks at travel, now and then.

In fact, my very first published writing was about the sad direction that television movies took during a low period in the form when every sensationalized true-crime murder story was glorified into a TV movie. It was called Murders of the Week and I like to believe its words helped usher out that shameful period in an otherwise pretty noble and enriching entertainment form. - http://www.brucesallan.com/2012/12/01/evolution-technology-television-movie-aka-moviesoftheweek/

The Evolution of Technology: The Television Movie aka Movies-of-the-Week

We went on photographic expeditions. Being relatively nerdy guys, we even convinced one of the “hot” and “cool” girls at school to pose in a bathing suit for us, on the top of a building. We also took photographs of each other skiing and some great ones on our river-rafting trip down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. - http://www.brucesallan.com/2012/09/01/evolution-technology-film-photography-darkrooms/

The Evolution of Technology: Film Photography and Darkrooms

There’s a famous story – the details of which of course I don’t remember – of how the Jewish comedian Jackie Mason somehow got on the wrong side of Ed Sullivan and was banned from his show. His career ended up in purgatory for literally decades due to that mishap. I remember going to see Jackie Mason when his career was resurrected in the 1980’s with my then girlfriend, a non-Jew (Chinese, to boot). - http://www.brucesallan.com/2013/04/13/the-evolution-of-technology-television-variety-shows/

The Evolution of Technology: Television Variety Shows

This past summer, an old high school classmate sent me a photograph (at the top of the article) in which I was one of eleven young men crowded around a blue sports car. Somehow or other, I was front and center in the shot (and it wasn’t even my car!). - http://www.brucesallan.com/2012/09/01/evolution-technology-film-photography-darkrooms/

The Evolution of Technology: Film Photography and Darkrooms

My cousin Sandy, to this day, still speaks very slowly whenever he leaves a voice message on my cell-phone. It reminds me of the that great scene in “Singin’ In the Rain” when talkies are first introduced at the studio exec’s house and a funny-looking “professor” explains how they work. - http://www.brucesallan.com/2012/09/21/evolution-technology-answering-machine/

The Evolution of Technology Series continues by exploring the answering machine with Professor David E.